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Fees and Services

We realize that concern over legal fees is a major reason that many clients in need of legal services either do not seek legal representation or choose attorneys based on their fees instead of their credentials or even worse, attempt to deal with the legal problem theselves. We try to eliminate some of the worry over fees by discussing it up front with clients and answering questions on the subject. First, no potential client should let concern about legal fees prevent him from speaking to us about legal services.  We are willing to consider various methods for payment.

Contingency Fees

When we represent victims and their families in accident, injury and death cases, we are compensated through contingency fees. In these cases, we do not get paid legal fees unless the client gets paid.  Typically, after a client signs a contract for representation, we will receive a contingency fee based upon the recovery that the client ultimately receives.

Set Fees

Some cases and services are best suited by set legal fees. These fees are payable at the beginning of the representation or from periodic billing as the representation progresses.

Divorce, Family Law

These cases are usually handled on an hourly fee arrangement. When we agree to represent a client on an hourly basis, we usually receive a retainer in a negotiated amount, and the client is thereafter billed, usually monthly for fees, if any, above the amount of the retainer.

Real Estate

These types of cases usually are handled on an hourly fee basis. A simple house closing, however, is usually a negotiated set fee.

Hourly Rates

Certain cases are best handled with hourly billing.  These cases may include defendant clients in civil litigation, or the sale and purchase of a business, as well as any other case where the client and we agree that hourly fees are appropriate. 

Call our office for more details on fees and billing.