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Wills and Estate Planning

A Loved One Has Died, Now What?

A loved one has died. There is a will. Or, there is no will. Now what do you do. We handle estate matters fast and efficiently.  We will guide you through the complicated Surrogate Court procedural requirements, to conclude your estate matter, as quickly as the courts will permit.

You have your loved one's Last Will and Testament. We will process this will through the Surrogate Court to have the will admitted to probate, without delay.

We will be responsive to your phone calls, and we will keep you advised as to exactly what is going on in your estate matter. You will know when the estate will be concluded, and when the distributions will be made. You will receive a return phone call.

But suppose there is no will.
Not everyone has a will when he or she deceases.  When there is no will, the property of the deceased is distributed in accordance with the intestate succession laws of the state where the person lived when he or she died.  These are complicated laws that are very specific.  We will show you what must be done in such a case, so that you will understand this process, and know exactly when it can be concluded and the distributions made.

How is an Estate Matter billed.
An Estate is billed hourly, based upon the work required. Not a percentage of the assets. You pay only for work actually performed.

What is a trust.
There are some testamentary situations which could benefit from a trust. We will discuss this with you and explain what a trust is, and its purpose.

We Can Help

My office has been handling wills and estate planning for more than 40 years, and we can provide guidance and information to help make a plan that will take care of your loved ones after you're gone.

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